Test Nerves

Nerves can undoubtedly play a part in whether succeed or fail a driving test, yet lots of very nervous people pass their driving test 1st time ever day:


Well firstly remember instructors don't teach you to fail, so stick to what they have told you and what you have been taught! Forget what uncle Bill says about his test in 1975 it's not relevant.

Don't listen to horror stories from others about how bad their tests were, people love a bit of drama and they will always make things sound worse!

Keep the date of your test and time to yourself. If you are nervous, why have an audience?

Now, this is important STICK to the routines you have been taught, go through the procedures in your mind, mentally plan your manoeuvres and, how to deal with junctions! Remember your lane discipline, three reasons to be in the right hand lane:

- Turning right
- Overtaking
- If ONE arrow tells you that, you must use that lane, otherwise stay left!

Watch for road markings and signs they are like a silent instructor in the car!

The test lasts about the length of Eastenders, just make sure you don't have to go back for a second episode.

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